Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 Pictures of 2011 - #10 Identify

Considering how my love life has played out lucky is not usually the word I would pick to describe it, but this year I felt whole heartedly - I am lucky. Lucky, because no one has ever questioned who I love (“why?”…yes…but never who).

This picture made my top 10 because it celebrates the fantastic community of people who saturated my life this year. People, who seek the same privileges I never fully understood I had; the opportunity of marriage; the joy of building a family; the freedom to love in public.

Be who you are – that is easy to type – very hard to do. I am surrounded by people who take the risk to be who they are. Sometimes, it pays off. Often, it does not. No matter, their call for fairness is loud and proud and I am happy to trumpet it.

How do you identify? I never asked myself that question before the Center, but now, I am thankful I ask it every day.

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