Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alan's Alley Video

Thank God, I mean that - thank God. I need to light a candle and do some tithing because there is a higher power. I know this because I discovered Alan's Alley Video today. It may be blasphemes to be rejoicing over a video store, but you wouldn't think that if you were a video junkie, such as myself, who has had to sit by and watch every brick and mortar rental store disappear - one by one - victims of the red envelop.

Don't get me wrong, I am not anti red envelope or streaming. The issue is, I also want the option to brows, in person. I want to wonder around a store
judging a book by its cover. I want to discover what I am interested in. I don't always want a formula's suggestions (as correct as they usually are) as to what I might like.

Today, I walked into Alan's and the first thing I noticed was the Bette Davis section. Hello, I am home! There is a wall filled with documentaries and a Benny Hill section, not certain that is necessary, but that's the type of option that would never cross my on-line suggestion list.

The recommendation I got from Kaitlyn, the human I interacted with, was the order I should watch my films in. Yes, she assessed my choices and actually suggested the order I should watch each film (I will take her up on that recommendation). Red envelope is not at that level - yet.

I am thankful that Alan's is alive and when I am in the mood for a movie, but I don't know which movie, I will peruse the shelves and maybe check out
the best of Benny Hill.

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