Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten 2010 #2

Six of the pictures that made my top ten of 2010 I loved the minute I took. I remember knowing they were contenders for a spot on the list as soon as I saw the result, six miracles that perfectly captured what I was feeling and seeing in that exact moment. The other four…well choosing them from the 4,567 images that remained was a bit more of a debate, and only time can tell if I got them correct. What I notice when I scan all the images is my instinct. Every time I reached for my camera I was experiencing a feeling, object, person, place, food or landscape that I loved so much I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home. Exploring a years worth of pictures does underline the cliché fact that time moves faster as I get older. It also gives me a pictorial view of the moments that mattered.

#2 – Single Source

I remember working at a TV station and a very well known media figure would not come to the set unless her lighting was fixed. She refused to be seen without “her lighting.” Why? Because she does not look in person, the way she looks on TV. On TV she looks younger and it was because of the lighting. That was a big lesson for me and I have never forgotten it – light is power. In the theatre, it is common knowledge that if you can’t afford a set designer and a lighting designer you should always put your money in the light. This year I tried to learn about light – this picture, I love because it tells the story of light. All natural, and from the same source direction, but so many different details are presented. Maybe this picture is a bit too technical to be great, but I was patting myself on the back after I took it. I found an element of technique and I found the light.

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