Friday, January 14, 2011

Double Stuff

What was I really grateful for today? I was grateful for three Double stuff Oreo sandwich cookies. Yes, if I am going to be totally honest about what I was truly, from the tips of my toes, grateful for – the double stuff Oreo sandwich cookie would, oh alright, cookies, would win. Stress eating sometimes feels wonderful. And sometimes, it is worth the trip to the gym to enjoy a classic cookie, at just the moment I needed something to remind me that life is not always moments of mundane stupidity. I would like to be grateful for something lofty, or sophisticated, but….well, I can still taste that chocolate sandwich cookie perfection.

I also need to send a grateful shout-out to the conductor on the Uptown A train at 7:45am. I don’t know his name, but when he wished me, and all my fellow passengers, “a beautiful morning, and a warm and cozy weekend”, he said it with such sincerity that I smiled.

Yes, today I am grateful for three perfectly timed double stuff Oreo sandwich cookies, and the wish for a cozy weekend. Thinking about both – I guess my day wasn’t that bad.

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