Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starbucks Christmas Blend & Tazo Joy

I am going to add a resolution to my rather egotistical resolution list that includes, get a facial every month and always have chilled champagne in my fridge. And, by the way, flat champagne still counts (see current fridge) as having champagne in my fridge.

I am going to add “be grateful” to my list.

Today – I am grateful for Starbucks Christmas Blend and TAZO Joy Tea. It is true that every morning when my alarm goes off I am grateful for any cup of hot, fresh coffee. It is also true that there is holiday spirit in these blends. If Dickens had either, Scrooge would not have needed to be visited by three ghosts. Cratchit could have just brewed him a cup of coffee and the money to get Tiny Tim sprinting would have been his.

It is January and my bag of Christmas blend and box of Joy are almost empty. I will have to wait until the next holiday season to get more (wow – this is a first – I am actually grateful that now means October). Yes, today I am grateful for the taste of Christmas and the reminder, after the season, that the holiday spirit can be found every morning, all year, even in something as simple as a cup of coffee.

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