Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten 2010 #4

Six of the pictures that made my top ten of 2010 I loved the minute I took. I remember knowing they were contenders for a spot on the list as soon as I saw the result, six miracles that perfectly captured what I was feeling and seeing in that exact moment. The other four…well choosing them from the 4,567 images that remained was a bit more of a debate, and only time can tell if I got them correct. What I notice when I scan all the images is my instinct. Every time I reached for my camera I was experiencing a feeling, object, person, place, food or landscape that I loved so much I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home. Exploring a years worth of pictures does underline the cliché fact that time moves faster as I get older. It also gives me a pictorial view of the moments that mattered.

#4 – Like Audrey

Choosing one flower picture for the list was the hardest decision. I have hundreds of pictures of flowers and trees and grass (only a New Yorker would need to capture this much nature on film) but these small white blossoms made the final cut despite American Idol level competition. I like flower pictures that are not too calendar ready. I like them to have a bit of an edge. It needs to be pretty without being cheesy (not an easy task, I have lots of cheesy). Photographing flowers is easy, really easy. They are already beautiful. Or it is almost impossible. Flowers have a personality, as does everything in nature. I find it is very easy to slip into school picture mode and just quickly snap the “pretty” vs. looking for the personality. This photo worked for me because I think it’s beautiful and full of interpreted personality.

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