Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Pictures of 2013 #7 – Noir

Top 10 Pictures of 2013
#7 – Noir

Remember when Ted Turner thought colorizing black and white movies was a good idea?  When he added color to the films they lost something immediately – they lost their style.  This picture stood out because it has style.  This picture is noir.  I look at it and I can imagine the hardboiled police detective getting lured by a blond woman of questionable virtue.  I see Metropolis that “every city” where power corrupts and influence can be bought and sold to a brassy soundtrack.  Cities are noir places, no matter how we try and colorize them with tourist friendly environments and chain stores. Cities have style.  I am a city girl and the pictorial reminder of the innate edge of all city living is why this made my top 10.

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