Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Pictures of 2013 #3 – Color Decadence

Top Ten Pictures of 2013
#3 – Color Decadence

Color color color!  I love my chic black, what real New Yorker doesn’t but when color hits – really hits – it is devastating in delicious decadence.  This image is about gold and blue and red and brown and green and COLOR! Don’t be afraid to bring it!  Don’t be afraid to wear it, own it, and flaunt it.  I have a purple couch.  I have eight red dresses; I have a blue purse the color of sapphires. I want/need/require more color and this picture reminds me of that.  It is a field, but it is also a palette to be inspired by.  In 2014 drop the drab people and lets pledge to bring out the color!

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