Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Pictures of 2013 #1 – June 26, 2013

Top Ten Pictures of 2013
#1 – June 26, 2013

At the center of this circle of attention is a tiny woman who changed the world.  You can’t see more than the crown of her head but that’s appropriate because she is the Queen.  It was an honor I will forever cherish to be a nano-speck part of the fight that she led. I will never forget the tears of joy that flowed when Edie Windsor won her victory and made people believe in the impossible. By stepping into the spotlight, and leading the fight, she honored the love she had with Thea and every relationship ever hidden by fear or not acknowledged by the system. She opened the hearts and minds of a country and a judiciary, and it was a great privilege to have been there when life and love changed instantly for the better.  Freedom to be who you are is the greatest gift society can give you.  Only with that freedom can anyone begin to truly contribute to the world. June 26 was the day I took this picture and the day DOMA died June 26, 2013 my number one photo.

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